Escape Dothan

Before you leave you’ll be planning your next visit.  Not everyone can exit the room in 1 hour–can you Escape Dothan?’



Ignite Your Senses

The #1 Attraction in the Wiregrass for couples, teams, or other groups. With three rooms (and more coming!), you are sure to experience a challenge, have fun, and make some great memories.




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You awaken in a familiar apartment but something is not right.  Strange furnishings and crazy colors surround you.  You discover the year is 1974!  Solve the puzzles in this 70‘s room in less than an hour in order to escape the past or be stuck there forever!  Can you dig it?

Time Warp

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Murder at the Mansion:  You have entered the study of a wealthy businessman only to find a ghastly crime has been committed.  Gather and piece together clues to figure out who it did and with what weapon.  With only an hour to crack the case you will have to hurry or you could be the next victim!

Murder at the Mansion

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